2 Trac Sprint mopeds (Grand Rapids)

I'll put some pics up later but I have 2 top tank trac sprint mopeds that I'd like to sell or trade, one is a '87 it was running then it was sitting in my garage for a couple weeks and now it sputters at about 15 mph, the other is a '84, i bought it with the intention of getting it running but never did i was told it had been rebuilt and it just needed the timing to be set.

Re: 2 Trac Sprint mopeds (Grand Rapids)

Send me a pic and let me know what you want for the worst off one. Going there this weekend and could possibly pick one up. If you want to keep the engine, you could use it as a parts engine for the other bike. Want to make a top tank Hobbit with this possibly if the price is right.

Re: 2 Trac Sprint mopeds (Grand Rapids)

i'll get the pictures up tomorrow.

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