FS Morini M1 Case

Well, I tried to transfer over my MO1 internals to this M1 case but one mounting bolt was off so up it goes.

Pretty clean case, freshly polished crankcase. The ignition area still could use some cleaning. All of the bearing lands and seal lands are in good shape.

Your MO1 internals will transfer right over with no modification. Just make sure your lower rear mount will take the 60mm bolt and not the 32mm.

I will throw in the reed cage and intake.


Re: FS Morini M1 Case

I forgot to mention the cylinder may be shot but the head is good

Re: FS Morini M1 Case

Hey Zac

My wife mailed that piston on Friday because I forgot to tell her that you didnt want it any more. I suppose this means that you will need it after all, right?

Re: FS Morini M1 Case

I can still use it, yeah hah. I will send the money out on Friday Nick! I was Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bummed I almost has the whole thing back together when I noticed the difference.

Re: FS Morini M1 Case

You can look at the cases and see it... it's not the same..

m01.. not the same as m1..

Re: FS Morini M1 Case

IRS only that rear lower bolt though

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