78 AMF moped for sale

I had it running till my son broke it and when I went into it i saw that there were a lot of parts that needed to be replaced so I bought all new parts from the carb, roller drive, tires, wheel, lights, etc.. I put it back together and now it won't run. I am tired of working on it and will sell it for $200. I have over $300 invested. If interested please email or call my cell at 404-452-9200. I will also take trade for a lawn aerator or tiller.

Thanks, Bill

Re: 78 AMF moped for sale

pic would help, but you will have a hard time getting 200 for a non-running roadmaster on here.

Re: 78 AMF moped for sale

If the white wiring pot (I think that's what it's called) is working I might buy it from you. I replaced the spark plug and the resistor and I'm still not getting a spark.

Thanks, Aaron

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