WTB - Moped in South Florida

Looking to see if anyone is selling a moped in south florida, specifically the miami area. I don't have a truck and don't want to rent one, nor do i want to ship out a moped, unless the price makes alot of sense. I had a 78 Puch, so maybe something like that would be great, but in reality, i'm open to anything. Must be in decent condition, though i don't mind doing some grease work, thats why we have peds isnt it?

Re: WTB - Moped in South Florida

Re: WTB - Moped in South Florida


Been talking to them for a bit, but still kinda iffy. Keep them coming!

Re: WTB - Moped in South Florida


I live in Lauderdale and the bike is still available.


Re: WTB - Moped in South Florida

Wow Dan that is something, IDK 1200 might be a bit rich but certainly considering, what are you getting on the flats.

Chip also selling a tomos that i know would be in great condition!

Keep em comming!

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