WTB: Hobbit swing arm

I need the right swing arm (this one on the pedal chain side)

If you have one please send me an email. If you have the chain assembly I might be interested in that too....maybe.

Re: WTB: Hobbit swing arm

Tate in Madison /

Do you mean the subframe?

Re: WTB: Hobbit swing arm

whatever yea the gray thing that the engine bolts to and connects to the rear wheel. I bent mine.

Re: WTB: Hobbit swing arm

The swingarm is one whole piece. You should have told me yesterday you're still looking for a good one. I probably have extras.

Re: WTB: Hobbit swing arm

Brian - I guess I didn't think you had any parts....I just assumed they were all whole bikes. But yea now that I have the forks on that Hobbit, the only thing left keeping it from being a running bike is that right rear bent 'piece'

If you have any extras, shoot me a text later and we'll figure something out.

Re: WTB: Hobbit swing arm

Sounds good. I have 6 or so hobbits and a couple are parts bikes.

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