lots a motobecane stuff

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email me any offers along with your zip, I need this stuff gone!

motobecane malossi 50cc hi comp head NO decompression -brand new

motobecane doppler ER2 pulley and an 11 tooth sprocket

ninja G2 exhaust pipe sprayed black and a bit scratched but no dents or leaks, comes with all mounting hardware,ball joint and springs

malossi toothed belt- brand new

CDI ignition le partie- stator plate is brand new, flywheel looks pretty beat up but sparks great. Ill throw in the yamaha unlimited cdi box. Ill throw in a spark plug boot and some other cdi boxes also

chrome EBR crossbar- this thing sucks, I kinda bend the ends trying to get it to fit. this would be perfect for someone whos going to wled it to the frame and repaint.

I have a 40 pound gas spring special ordered from kragen, 8or 10 inches long i think, fits perfectly

Av7 case halves with brand new seals- comes with hardware and a new case gasket

malossi PHBG 90 RED air filter E8- like new

Galop Blue 320mm Shocks they have a few scratches but have practically never been used

heavy duty voltage regulator -brand new

BLACK GUIA headlight with chrome rim for all mopeds- brand new

wheels with tires, hubs, brakes and axle, tires have some life left in em. no rear sprocket

bro dude black racer seat pictures attached, no hardware and it came with a few chips and scratches. will maybe cost alot to ship, maybe not its kinda light.

Peugeut short seat-

stock pedal cranks

blue Peuguet 103 cranks w. black pedals- some paint chips and scratches

blue headlight cover mesh thing

stock av7 head

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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