Batavus Top Tank project/parts help a bro out!!!!!

I have a 1980 Batavus Regency, top tank, black moped. It's nearly in working order but it wants to be cared for by someone who has time, skill, and tools, 3 things that I do not have. You will have to run the gamut of tune-ups on this bike, namely clean out the xhaust port real good (I just used a knife) fix the timing, check for air leaks, clean out the carb (there is teflon tape stuck in the fucking carb) and clean up/update the electrics.

I would love to do the above things to it, and more (sexy) in fact I was planning on getting an E50 and kitting it up, fitting it on the bike somehow, and giving it a sweet paintjob, but I am struggling with unemployment and I just have to let it go.

Want the title, and a license plate? Too bad! I don't have it! The guy I bought it from said you didn't need either in Washington state, and I didn't do any research so I bought it. For all I know this shit could be stolen, I do know however that its original home was Massachusetts. So you're either gonna wanna take this to a state where it won't matter, or ride dirty in Seattle (honestly I do it all the time, cops are oblivious). Or part it.

I live in Seattle and you'll pretty much have to come to me to get this. I am 0 dollars broke. Also, if you come you might try to bring some bolt cutters, because It's been sitting in my garage for over a year now and frankly I don't think I will be able to remember the lock combination!


Here's some ridiculously outdated pictures of the bike that don't do it justice at all:

Here's me riding it, boy do I look like a douche!

Here it is after we took the back wheel off to replace the bearings. Aren't those fenders rad? Did I mention it's a black top tank? Holy shit

I bought this for 300. I guess I should offer 150 for it I mean yeah it doesn't run right now but it's close to running, and it is super cool, and I really need the money. I can negotiate though

Re: Batavus Top Tank project/parts help a bro out!

How much for just the tank shipped to socal?

Re: Batavus Top Tank project/parts help a bro out!

nah bra cant ship

Re: Batavus Top Tank project/parts help a bro out!


Re: Batavus Top Tank project/parts help a bro out!

bumpin again

Re: Batavus Top Tank project/parts help a bro out!

i got a tank .

its green instead of black.

its NOS too

no cap or petcock

its perfect.

35.00 shipped to CA

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