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i have a lot of junk,maybe you want my junk? i don't know what most of the derbi stuff is,i never had to work on one or take one apart they always work.. there is motoplat stuff,ducati flywheel? i also don't know how to write on the pictures....that would make it a lot easier....so...for now i'll make a list of what i have and share the pictures,.....then if i figure out how to write on the pictures,ill label it or number it or something........everything is make an offer.bikes are pick up only in philly....or i can bring em to richmond va.

all the parts are dirty and junky(fenders look good)

Offer on items to my e-mail in profile.

1. Paypal me for items

2. I ship Items

3. You paypal for actual shipping



-3 fork tubes

-murray/freespirit rack

-exhaust heat shields?

-murray fender?

-magnum fender?

-spray painted white maxi fender


-2 old style bullet fork things

-shitty new dash

-old a3 style airbox?

-2 kickstands,i think tomos?

-newer style swingarm


-4 turn signals,1 bad lens


-2 racks,i think are derbi

-front and rear brake assembly's,frozen with only one shoe intact,

3 loose pads

-side cover

-rear shock? bent maybe?

-3derbi fork tube things and a lot of weird springs for them...hahaha

-derbi stamped gas cap

-triple tree colar derbi stamped

-2 motoplat boxes?

-more red electronic boxes

-cylinder head

-ducati flywheel

take all the above,puch tomos,derbi parts for a nice price!

sachs engine stuff

(i have a pair of bikes,these go to i was going to sell these with them but if i get a good offer on them i'll sell em separate.)

i'd do 50+shipping on the "good" engine w-topend/carb,intake

and 35+shipping for the cases/parts and other topend

both for 70+shipping this is if i cant get a local sale.

one engine put together,one in pieces, in unknown shape

one was allegedly in good working order.


-seat post

-cat eyes

-3 bars

-safari fender?

-a seized trac engine

the bikes are for sale pick up in philly or delivered to richmond.

maxi,general,magnumx,and one safari-spoken for but not 100%

pictures here

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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