Re: gettysburg rally

Rob its in my profile.

Get with me cause I am only bring stuff that is paid for before I leave I just can't haul dead weight 70 miles.



Re: gettysburg rally

No problem, sue I will be bring with me for you and ryan.

Thanks again, ed

Re: gettysburg rally

I have a 59 mobyletter..

I will let it go for 800 bills.

Stop by and pick it up on your way through.


Re: gettysburg rally

Ed, do you have any spare side covers for one of those?

Re: gettysburg rally

I don't understand? One of what?

Re: gettysburg rally

An old Motobecane.

Re: gettysburg rally

Nope I do not have anything for mobys but 2 frames and that completely bike you see I have for sale.

How about you buy the a88 mobyletter and you can use the side cover off that :) ..

I would search they make repros.

good luck,

Buy the I want to sell all the mopeds I have so if someone wants to really buy old vintage mopeds .. I will sell you mine.

Yea its a hobby I plan on big time down sizing to 2 bikes.

88 derbi and 01 revo will me the only to bike I will be keeping.

Re: gettysburg rally

So it's bascially an 800 set of covers, and the rest of the moped comes along with it. Toche, I've used that line before myself.

I like the old stuff, but I hate working on them. It's a little hard for me to believe you are clearing out the Minarelli stuff.

Re: gettysburg rally

Ed, never mind the Concord frame, I have a new love in my life, I just picked up a General 5 star that is my new baby. I really don't have room for the Concord. I too am trying to limit my mopeds.

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