gettysburg rally

Ok i got some stuff for sale so i can make it to the ride. Since i have no money what so ever it would be so nice of you to send a money order to me so i can make it. ok here is what i got

mb5 carb- could be cleaned up- 15bucks obo

stock e50 crank brand new bearings and seals no miles on them. threads on need cleaning up. 25obo

dmp i got it new but for some odd reason it was not trued so will need to be trued. 35obo

morini case and trans parts the motor is apart not sure if its all there 25obo

morini head 10 obo

puch #1 topend piston cylinder head 15obo

stock puch high comp head 10obo

then i got puch fenders and tomos fenders 10 each

i have some 16 inch rims and 17 inch rims both sizes spoked 15 each

tomos rims 35 each

no pics right now but will work on getting them... please help me with getting money so i can moped from berekeley springs wv to gettysburg its a 78 mile ride and i need the money to do it so please help me.

Re: gettysburg rally

Also have a complet moby motor with a dimoby on it no carb or intake 65obo.

Re: gettysburg rally

Zack Rineer /

I sent an email.... maybe interested in the tomos wheels. like to see pictures first though and are they 16's?

Re: gettysburg rally

I have spoked 16inch tomos rims that could use a cleaning the other ones are the tomos mags that just have like dirt and crap on it

Re: gettysburg rally

frame and motor not for sale

this is the white set of tomos rims i have.

Re: gettysburg rally

Re: gettysburg rally

That last pic is for the rims only.

FS: gettysburg rally

I can bring some small thing with me to the ride.

Here is what I have for sale ..

I will be there Saturdays ride only.

I am open to offers!

17in 1,40 36holes rim its like new

city bike gas tank? it needs cleaned rust but no holes

Fantic frame w/ general 5star te front forks and fender.

I just might be able to sqeeze this in the front seat.

Sue let me get them pictures for you.

Re: gettysburg rally

I have 4 italian sproke rims all the chome is in good shape.

drums are good.. 2 wide rims from a snark 2 thin rims from a safari.

one rear wheel is complete.

I have one wheel setup for sealed bearing.. I made a shim and had it welded. I have the rest to complete the wheels.

I have more tube to go with the lot of 4 wheels/rims.

axles, spacer, nuts its all in a box I will bring with me to the ride.

Re: gettysburg rally

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

ed i might want a rear safari, how much?

Re: gettysburg rally

sue, has first dibs.

No clue on price .. sorry.

Re: gettysburg rally

The moby motor is sold

Re: gettysburg rally

Ed, I want the wide set please.

Re: gettysburg rally

Oh, and Ed, I want the Concord frame, but I wont have room in our car for it. My parents just south of lancaster, so maybe next time I make it east I can get that from you unless you sell it before then.

Re: gettysburg rally

Sue of you want that frame I can store it at my house if you want so that you can have it when ever you come back up here or if i make it down there before you make it back up here.

Re: gettysburg rally

Im already bringing a tomos kit for Chris but,

Check link for pics!!! If there is no pic, then email and i will get one for you.


front and fenders black

Tomos/maxi? length gas rear shocks

ttlx frame black

ttlx seat with small scuff on side

2006 tomos CDI!!!

black tomos forks

rear 5 star black- sealed bearing and 12mm axle conversion with massive German tubeless $65 tire.

elusive 4.5p Homoet pipe, 2 small dents on it.


Maxi frame good condition sea-foam green

stock maxi shocks

hero panther long double seat (great condition)

MAGNUM: plastic oil covers, rear rack, front and rear fenders, handle bars, shocks, intake

17 spoked rims, with axles, no brakes

ZA50 CDI Box

Magnum good condition cylinder and head,

Stock e50 clutch

Re: gettysburg rally

anyone want a garelli noi 1978 rally sport with nice minty stock everything... it runs and idles but it has an airleak... got no where to store it so I'm thinkin $200

e-mail or ask ifn you want pics

Re: gettysburg rally

Bump will take cash for this stuff will be bringing the rims and everything. Please help me have fun at this rally haha

Re: gettysburg rally

On the non moped related side i got a finepixz digital camera for sale pretty much brand new just needs the charger. Also have a telescoop that you use a controller to control where it goes. 25 for the camera and 50 for the telescoope

Re: gettysburg rally

I will take.. offers on the this frame.

Buy this .. via paypal I will bring with me to .. GB rally! people!

Re: gettysburg rally

And.. thee other side

Re: gettysburg rally

Ok rob,

she wants the snark wheels..

The 2 thinner 1.35 I think that are not sure don't quote me..

Is the rear complete wheel and the other thinner front wheel.

Hit me with a email..

Re: gettysburg rally

Oh and for you vw bus fans i have a trans for one thats in good working order. that ill take 100 for.

Re: gettysburg rally

gas tank from a cimitti city bike some inside.. nothing the works won't remove.

Re: gettysburg rally

Sue send me a email please. I am trying to gather funds,

Re: gettysburg rally

Will have a teal tomos frame and a white tomos frame for sale they need forks and shocks and then i have a blue puch maxi frame that beed new forks. also have a orange bullet rolling frame.

Re: gettysburg rally

ED - let's talk about the frame. Bring it with you.

Re: gettysburg rally

Ed, emailed you.

Re: gettysburg rally

want to buy french bikes, the older the better, mostly complete dont care about the condition. let me know what you got

Re: gettysburg rally

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

ed your email isn't on your profile anymore, i think i have one on here somewhere though i'll look for it, i could also use 3 of the copper gaskets for the minerelli HC heads, and for the safari i only needed the rear wheel, if it's not too rusty haha. something else i wanted from you too i can't remember...

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