WTB Morini MO2

Im looking for a MO2 for my sebring. Let me know what ya got. Thanks

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Re: WTB Morini MO2

good luck....

Re: WTB Morini MO2

Buy my whole toptank Malaguti, it has an M02. $300.

Re: WTB Morini MO2

I have a 1988 Motomorini sebring project bike with a morini engine on it. speedo sayes 1400 miles on the bike. Sat in a dudes shed for years. He said it did 4o when he laid it up before going to college. I took it appart and cleaned it up but the front end is slightly bent so i may wind up parting this thing out. Not sure if engine MO2. How do I tell?

Re: WTB Morini MO2

If you wanted to learn all about them the hard way, I have one that's 95 percent complete. It just needs a couple parts for the clutch pressure engaging thingy and some piston rings, i think.

You probably dont want one for assembly, though.

Offer is out there, though...

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