FS Sachs Suburban 505/1D $200

C/L http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/mcy/1962194458.html

Suburban/Balboa/Hercules looking Sachs with the big stepthrough removeable tank, chrome fenders, mag rims, side covers and engine cover, good bars and controls and the 1D setup. I might get around to pulling the clutch and buttoning up the loose ends and repost as a 100% runner.... but until or before then, its up for grabs.

Preference for a straight as-is where-is $200 sale but I took this one on a partial trade/cash deal, so Im willing to talk about trade/cash against another bike.

My first impressions, good 1D top end, 505 case rumored to have new bearings and seals, etc, pedals and drive sprocket spin smoothly but the clutch is a brick and needs pulled out and loved up. Harness is good, needs a taillight assembly, body and paint and chrome and mags are nice, needs a drive chain, 104A needleless Bing and 14mm intake and airbox all good.

Western PA/Eastern OH, might even deliver for the right deal or a couple $ gas.

Re: FS Sachs Suburban 505/1D $200

By the way.... if you are coming to Pittsburgh next weekend for the SHS Rally ...


My place is only like 15 minutes from the Trax Farms/Mingo Creek leg of the ride on that Saturday....


rally participants get way better lowball love on price/trade deals than Craigslisters.

Re: FS Sachs Suburban 505/1D $200

Daily bump. This bike is in N Canton/Akron this week but in a few days it will be in Pittsburgh.

sold: FS Sachs Suburban 505/1D $200

s's's's'ah say sold, son.

Re: sold: FS Sachs Suburban 505/1D $200

Garodney Gentzel Motor City Riots /

Sweet.........Now I feel better !!! LoL

Re: sold: FS Sachs Suburban 505/1D $200

hahaha, i figured you'd notice.... ill be keeping an eye out for pics of the puch when/if you hop it up.

oh and by the way.... duggan's pub's fish sandwiches and rum runners are the shiz

bump for no good reason, but if you are ever buying/selling with Rodney- he's good people.

Re: The NEWPORT....

Garodney Gentzel Motor City Riots /

The tank is full of vinegar, soaking, it was very very rusty....no pin holes...LOL The motor is almost done, I have the case matched, and new bearings and seals, the alum stuffed crank, with the 65 metra kit, and a Leo Vince circuit pipe going on it as well as a lightened stock clutch........ The sanding and repainting (by the welds) will be done soon..... I put on a new throttle cable and checked the rest were all good. Now I need a 14 or 15 even a 16mm carb for it. I have everything but that !!! My intake is 15mm.....

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