WANTED: something titled near iowa

this friday i'll have a decent chunk of change and i need a new bike before the warm weather completely vanishes, but i dont want just any bike. i'd consider the following, reply with info and what youd like to get out of the bike!

variated peugeots

derbis (in the midwest? yeah right but please)

hobbits (PA50II please)

something with a roller-bearing V1 on it

MUST BE TITLED!!!!!!!!!!!! and up to date preferably.

preferably already running, more fun that way.

already kinda fast or really fast? bonus! polini'd V1? YES PLEASE since i already have tons of parts for minarellis lying around so thats a good start for me

yes im being lazy, i just want a standby bike thats actually fun while i build other shit. i'll pay money for stuff. so yeah. get me the fuck away from puchs already im sick of these boring things


some cool shit. a magnum in peices, tons of puch stuff, a 50s/60s mobylette rolling chassis with a clean tank that rolls super smooth that im probably never gonna do anything with, italian snowflakes, parts, V1s, other shit, etc. partial trade? cool with me. honestly im pretty much sick of everything i have except my maxi Ns and my rigid freespirit im slowly building.

lets work something out. reply in here or email and mention it in here, i rarely check my email.

name your price and we can talk further

Re: WANTED: something titled near iowa

I got a cimatti twin sport that has new pirellis, I can attain a title for it but it doesnt have lights, well they are there but I havent spent lots of time dicking with the wiring. I'd like 350 for it, might work out some trade stuff....bonus features...it fits a 30 pack inbetween the frame, its got sidecovers so that area is flat, its got a double seat for your bff's, its super reliable, with a polini and a pipe it would go fast, its the black cover style..might even have a needle bearing crank..I havent checked. Email me if you're interested


Re: WANTED: something titled near iowa

Titled 103sp, will ship.

Re: WANTED: something titled near iowa

i want your magnum...

WANTED: something titled near iowa


I have some cool, not boring stuff.


That Allstate is titled, BTW.

Re: WANTED: something titled near iowa


im picking up a hobbit (pa50II) pretty soon and i really dont need it.

Re: WANTED: something titled near iowa

derek...lets get in touch on that. definitely what im most interested in so far.

bry that allstate is rad, i am definitely considering it. only fitting for a puch nut like me.

harry: not 100% sure i wanna get rid of the magnum, but for the right price/trade id definitely consider it.

kevin: that bike is definitely cool...got any pics of it in its current state? also what would you have to do to acquire a title?

Re: WANTED: something titled near iowa

Let me know before the rally this weekend (still going, right?) and I can bring it with me. No takers on it yet.

Re: WANTED: something titled near iowa

i actually cant go. im free firday AND sunday, but i have to work all day saturday. HAVE to. one of the few days of the year they have every single person scheduled

:( :(

Re: WANTED: something titled near iowa

Oh, buzzkill.

Re: WANTED: something titled near iowa

I dont have any current pictures...been working on other bikes. I can take one when I get back from the rally. I've even got a techno pipe I'd sell with it...possibly a 48mm parma kit too, if you wanna go fast.

I'd just get a ks title, which should be easy for you to transfer to your state. I can get that done in about a week or 2 if you're interested.

Re: WANTED: something titled near iowa

I have a few bikes but I am quite a ways from you. I am going to central MO in a few weeks though, maybe we can work something out. My bro has really clean titled Newport with a 2 speed. I have Hobbits(PA50II's), Motron, Motobecane 50v's, Honda Dio elite (haha, I know), 1980 Honda CT70, and a few others

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