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I have a bunch of stuff that needs new homes. Most of them were bought with some lofty plans to make it some kind of kickass custom or another but I have a short attention span and limited fundages generally speaking.

I must downsize. I am willing to trade for some performance parts and MAYBE a few certain bikes but probably no bikes unless its something special.

I will roll them all out and get some pictures tomorrow after class.

I have a 79 Jawa 207. Its in really nice cosmetic shape but wont really run. Like it will start but the spark is erratic. I am thinking thigh wrister just because thats what stereotypically goes wrong on these things. Red with a title and like 1000 miles on it. Like i said its clean. I also have a spare engine and carb for it. Looking for like 200.

1980 Vespa Grande. I got kinda halfway on this one. Kinetic engine with CDI set up and malossi variator and a 13mm SHA and an air box from polini. Also has a Simo exhaust but I am probably going to keep it and hack/weld it for something else. Probably. No title on this one. Looking for like 250. It runs but I haven't tuned it in. Something else came along and it fell by the wayside. Pretty clean but no plastic.

1980 Honda Passport. Starts, runs, drives, stops shifts, and does it all proper. Only thing wrong with it is it keeps blowing headlights. Good thing is that I replaced the sealed beam with a socket set up so they are cheap. I replaced the battery thinking that was the issue but no dice. I have a title for it and its in decent cosmetic shape. Looking to get like 400 on that one.

1981 Vespa SI. Real clean. Real low miles. Starts and runs like a champ but the forks are bent. Its bad enough that you would probably want to replace it. Other than that its a really nice bike without any issues. I have a title on it. Looking for like 250. Kind of on the fence about this one. I think she could be really nice.

Also Revolution Start V engine.Its pretty much just the bottom end of the engine. No intake, no carb, no CDI box, no drive sprocket for some reason. It does have the variator and the ignition stuff and I would have to assume anyone who would buy it would be putting one of those 75cc Metra monsters plus some crazy gilardoni reedblock and intake. The only thing I am not sure about is the drive sprocket. There is probably something compatible or a source for them but I don't know of any. I guess I haven't really looked. As for the CDI box I am thinking there are plenty of them that would work. I have been playing with the idea of selling it for a while but since my Variant Sport Start V build is almost done and I wont be needing this engine or any of its parts for that I figure I can let it go. I paid way too much for it but I would like to see maybe 350 plus shipping.

I also have this little old Yamaha Jog scooter. Its stupid fast for a stock 50cc bike. The plastic is beat to hell so I just stripped it all off. Its still laying around but its pretty roached. Its hella fun and hella fast, actually gets up to like 40 something bone stock. You can actually chirp the rear tire if you don't weigh much. Its like an old 88 or 89 or something with lots of miles on it and not title but if anyone wanted it they could have it for like 120 dollars.

There will be a bunch of other stuff I will post up as I dig through my stuff and make some space. Probably mostly stock stuff but some performance stuff and maybe a couple more bikes.

As far as trades and stuff I need I could use a Derbi kit, Hobbit performance stuff, MB5 stuff both performance and stock, a nice puch kit, a tomos pipe, carburetors 14+mm especially Mikunis or OKOs or Amals, a nice gilardoni sized reed block/reeds/intake, other stuff.

If any of the prices are out of line make me an offer.

Like I said pictures tomorrow.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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