WTB moped in CT

hey guys, im helping a friend of mine look for a cheap moped in CT. he's looking for something that runs and moves, he only has $200 to spend. he doesnt care what color, brand, or max mph it is. just has to get him from point A to point B with working lights.

let me know what you got, or if you find anything on craigslist post it here.

so far, hes looking at 2 motobecane 50Vs. 1 1976 running and one 1978 parts bike both 25mph models. $300 for both, but he may just get the running one for $150 or $200. i figured that might be his best option since i know alot about the 50V as i have one myself. so any work and finding parts will be easy since i know what to do.

hes also looking at a scorpion moped, its $75 needs pedals and a decomp cable. but engine condition is unknown. so i will have to go look at it with him since im pretty mechanically inclined. but i dont know where we could find parts for it.

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