wtt: 19mm phbg

I want to trade a 19mm dellorto phbg clamp style w/ pull choke. Has seen very little use.

Comes with a high flow filter.

The air filter is like this


I will trade it for two 15.15 or 16.16 dellorto sha carbs.

Or for some reason if you wanted to I would trade it it for a 14.12 SHA and a 17.5 or smaller phbg.

Re: wtt: 19mm phbg

I would also trade it for a 14.12 and a 16.16 or 15.15 SHA with performance reeds and a sha intake for a pug 103

Re: wtt: 19mm phbg

Interested in cash?

Re: wtt: 19mm phbg

how about one 15.15 with velocity stack and some cash?

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