WTB: Solo Odyssey Parts

I need some parts for a Solo Odyssey project. The bike currently doesn't have a crank, pedals, shaft, etc. I have the crank pulley, but nothing else. I could post a picture if need be.

I just need to fill in the blanks. If you have an Odyssey parts bike lying around, let me know!

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Re: WTB: Solo Odyssey Parts

Kind of a wast of time bro unless it is a bad ass mint condition frame and tank and you like going 25mph.

Check Ebay Germany (use Google Chrome for auto translate) and search for Solo Mofa. You can find complete motors and all the parts you need. Just count on an extra $20 or $30 for shipping and 2 weeks to get it.

Re: WTB: Solo Odyssey Parts

Thanks man. I'm not expecting it to blast, but I have a bike that I don't just want to junk. I suppose I could part it out.

Anyone else have Solo Odyssey parts?

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Çhåvëz • /

I need the plastic motor cover. Anyone gots?

Re: WTB: Solo Odyssey Parts

Bump. I need the drivetrain minus the pulley. Lets do thissss. Does anyone know if another bikes is interchangable?

Re: WTB: Solo Odyssey Parts

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