wtb: 15 sha intake and maxi petcock

before i drop 30 on the good folks at treats...the frugal fannie in me thought i'd post here first. new...cool...used...don't care, as long as its not busted and works right fine.

got something? post here. i forget to check my email.

Re: wtb: 15 sha intake and maxi petcock

Treats dude, should have just got more in stock, great price too, I picked one up for about $70, and the petcock for $15, all brand new.

Re: wtb: 15 sha intake and maxi petcock


yeah lets try this again...in case i wasn't clear from the start?

i'm looking for a 15 sha intake and a maxi petcock. together shipped i'd pay 30 for them via treats. if you have both or just one of the two items...new or used...cheaper than treats...because i like to save any buck possible...that would be great.

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