Wanted: Puch 17" mags

We are working on a Magnum build for the Creatures Rally and it is time to find some wheels. Something in a 17" mag would be great.

There are a few other things we might need, like the upper side panels in red. I'll post again about that stuff. :)

We are in SF, please email me directly with pics, price, and shipping.

If you want to see the frame Rufus put a photo of Louis sanding the frame on the front of the Treats website yesterday. :P



Re: Wanted: Puch 17" mags


Did you call my shop today?

Re: Wanted: Puch 17" mags

Louis may have called you today. There was a store selling some mags that he was going to call. I have yet to chat with him - been at the lab all day. :P

Do you have something good that you can ship to us? :)


Re: Wanted: Puch 17" mags

I think he did call me but I was in the middle of something so might have sounded rude or something unintentionally when he called.

I might have a set but it will be a few days until I know for sure. We might be putting them on a Cobra but if we don't i'll get a shipping price for you. When do you need them by?

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Hey Tim,

I'm sure it's all good. :) Louis is a cool cat and probably figured you were busy. I still haven't had a chance to chat him up about it, AJ and I were over at Paz's last night working on the engine. Paz has a fricken tool for everything. The most favored tool of the night came in the form of an oxidator. :P

Anyway - yeah the CotL rally is in nine days and we want to get some test miles in on the bike before the rally. :P


Chris with his trusty Oxidator

Re: Wanted: Puch 17" mags


Re: Wanted: Puch 17" mags

Hey we are still looking for wheels. Our budget is a little tight as we are running out of money getting this thing on the road in time for the rally. Big thanks to everyone that has been helping us. :)

We are also looking for:

center stand, and clamp

pedal shaft mounting hardware/bushings

rear wheel adjusters

upper side covers and mounting hardware

tank mounting hardware

pedal chain tensioner

intake manifold (for a 17.5 SHA)

coil and plug wire/cap

wheels (17" mags, we already have tires)

magnum fork brace

controls and cables

cylinder studs/nuts

chains for both sides


Because we have the Swiss Cheese Magnum frame and it was already equipped with the broken weld on the pedal shaft, Chris came up with an idea to drill out a couple of the holes and weld in some 3/4" steel pipe to stiffen up the box area of the frame. It came out pretty cool and that box section is now very stiff.


Magnum on a stick?

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