FS: Puch Maxi w/ ZA50

1979 Puch Maxi. Gold. Nice Shape. ZA50 (2 speed motor) High torque 22 top end. 1.5 HP. Runs, Rides, Shifts, and Stops great. Some rust in the tank, but not a problem with the fuel filter. No rips in the seat, paint is good. Lights aren't working. Could just be bulbs. I haven't looked into it at all. $300 firm. Located in Central PA. I can take it to the Pittsburgh Rally or to Boston, or anywhere in between.

This is not the same ped, but it's identical except for that the one I'm selling has no mirror. The top end and seat are from the pictured bike.

Re: FS: Puch Maxi w/ ZA50

It runs about 23-24.

Re: FS: Puch Maxi w/ ZA50

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

i'll trade ya for that morini you sold me a few years ago

Re: FS: Puch Maxi w/ ZA50

Rob, i forget, do the lights work on the morini? and it runs better now, right?

Re: FS: Puch Maxi w/ ZA50

hi im very interested in the bike if you could give me a call i would appreciate it. 910 367 9203 thanks

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