trac daelim top tank (mi) midwest

i have a 1987 trac daelim top tank that i need some parts for and help with.

can anyone help out and let me know what parts are the most similar and easy to find for this moped.

its got a 2 speed motor.i need new pedals, and if i could find a whole new motor that would be grand . pref one in good working condition. the one i have is messed up , dont know what really is wrong with it. i do know that the chain for the pedals is stuck in the tranny so i need to fix that.

also id like to buy some new wheels for it. it has 16s but id like some good 17x 3. a bit wider ones

if anyone could help with this moped and parts that would be grand

ill attatch a photo


Re: trac daelim top tank (mi) midwest

Are you sure that swingarm can fit another bigger tire/wheel, looks a little close as it is. nice starter bike though

Re: trac daelim top tank (mi) midwest

hmm not sure weahter it could or not, if i need a new swingarm then id have to find a new one before i get any kind of tires

Re: trac daelim top tank (mi) midwest

what size tires does it have on it?

Re: trac daelim top tank (mi) midwest

it has 16x 2.20

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