Re-did my Tomos clutches.

I have read a couple of threads on here about re-lining Tomos clutches so I gave it a try. The old ones were shot and I thought about trying the rubberized cork they sell at Autozone but opted for leather. I had an old leather belt that looked shitty so I decided to use it. I cleaned off all the cork with a wire brush and then cut the leather in the appropriate length and width. It was pretty easy with a pair of real sharp scissors. I cleaned the surface with Gumout to remove any oil or dirt then mixed up some JB Weld. I applied it to the back or rough surface of the belt and the lined them up on the clutch. I used a zip tie to keep them in place. I let them dry overnight and then used a Dremmel with a sanding barrel to grind off the finished surface of the leather and allow them to fit in the hub. I also cleaned up the sides and 45'ed the ends. Here is a picture:

I will have to wait a while to try them as I need to get a frame and switch everything over.

Re: Re-did my Tomos clutches.

Yea I know, Wrong forum FUCKFACE!!

I thought I was in the Repair forum

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