WTB: dimoby clutch

thats right, a clutch, not a variator. Y? b/c theres too much work involved using a variator instead.

Re: WTB: dimoby clutch

Hey Aaron, love your moby and the colors...very creative.

I have a dmoby clutch that I just rebuilt as far as the starter clutches go...ordered them from Handy bikes and me and my mechanic installed them....the other clutches were in good shape...

Can send you a photo...

Was still considering putting it back on as my green 78 moby ran real nice with it....had ordered a new 12 sprocket and 44 sprocket gear to go on the moby...I could do 47 klh with that combo....I ran them for about a week then changed over to variator as mine was orig a variator model and took both the new gears off also...the dimoby would shoot you up to speed...the variator seems a little slower.

I really don't know how much to charge for it...it cost me about 25.00 just to put the new clutches in....I am thinking maybe 40 shipped...as it is pretty heavy.

Jimmy in NC

Re: WTB: dimoby clutch

I've also got one. All stock, pulled off my 80 Traveler about 5 months ago. Email me if you want it.

Re: WTB: dimoby clutch

pictures would be great. especially of the insides

Re: WTB: dimoby clutch

I never noticed it before, but only one of the clutch arms currently has good material attached, The other arm is almost bare of the grippy material. I never noticed any problems when it was in use, though. Anyhow, take that into consideration.

Re: WTB: dimoby clutch

Here is the inside of my dimoby clutch...as I said...the starter clutches are new.

The outside part is fairly nice and the chome looks pretty good...the back side...well....not so pretty but it is not seen.



Re: WTB: dimoby clutch

"not pretty"...heh... mine is flat black for a reason. It previously sported the "rusty and pitted" finish.<br>


since its pitted, think a significant amount of metal is no longer part of the bell, making it lighter? Or does it weigh more because it is rusty?

40 sounds good,i'll email you.

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