trade hobbit and puch parts for magnum parts

So I've been out of mopeds for a while now, but I've decided its time for more. I have 2 magnums to revamp. I am going to need 2 flawless tanks. Paint doesn't matter in the flawless part. Just no sweet fork dents. Also a set of nice snow flake mags, and two seats. I have two not so flawless tanks available, and two beautifully re-upholstered seats in black and white sparkle vinyl, and gold and white sparkle vinyl. I also have a complete, but disassembled Honda hobbit in yellow. I have a bunch of other parts laying around too, including a V1, and some other puch parts. If you have any interest in trading or buying drop me an email. I don't have much time to check the forums.

Re: trade hobbit and puch parts for magnum parts

Woops sorry for the repost! Ignore.

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