WTB: Morini bits

So, I'm lookin' for some pretty specific M02 bits, specifically:

The starter clutch engagement bearings

The two nuts that bolt onto the crankshaft and the pinion shaft inside the crankcase

The hex nut like thing that you hold with a crescent wrench to remove the first nut off the crank shaft (pic forthcoming)

and the nut that holds the flywheel on.

email me, I guess

Re: WTB: Morini bits

Nobody has a morini parts engine? Fo' reals?

Re: WTB: Morini bits

I've got 2 1/2 engines, so I can look at my "1/2" engine and see if I have what you need. I'm pretty sure that I have the nuts you want, but I dont think I have a third set of the bearings. Check out ebay france or ebay italy - you may get lucky for that stuff. I'll check next time I head out to the garage and see what I've got for you.

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