WTB Honda Express NC50

Let me know what you have. Looking for something cheap. I'm located in Seattle, I know they are out there for ~100 dollars running... seeing what there is.



Re: WTB Honda Express NC50

Where do you guys recommend looking?

Re: WTB Honda Express NC50

good luck finding a parts bike for that price

Re: WTB Honda Express NC50

i'm highly doubting you'll find one that cheap in running condition. I've got a near running one here in Columbus for 150$ with clear title in hand. But anyone interested would have to figure out a way to come get it as i don't travel and would rather not mess with shipping.

Re: WTB Honda Express NC50

I know in other parts of the country that people have picked them up. Just haven't seen them around the Seattle area...

I'm not looking for a mint condition ped here... just one that hasn't been totally hacked together with a seized engine.

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