Minneapolis-Want to buy any of these? Coming Fri

Coming up to MSP for the weekend. I have a few things for sale if anyone is interested. I could bring it with me if you want it. I'm leaving around 2pm on Friday so time is short but just thought I'd throw it out there. Would need to be picked up in South Minneapolis near the Ritchfield city line. Email in my profile is a good way to reach me. Paypal deposit would be required as I've been burned taking bikes on trips before when they decided they didn't want them.

First, a nice all-yellow Swinger 2. Stock with title in my name. $450 for MA. Too expensive? I'm in no rush to sell so I can wait for the right buyer if you are not interested. I have the side covers for it too.


Motobecane SPR. Titled in my name. $800 Tell me the last time you saw someone on one of these.

I've had this for too long and it just sits. Also comes with leg shields. Not running right now but I haven't touched it in years. The last time I had it running was at a rally. Also comes with boxes and boxes of used and NOS Motobecane parts. Pictures of the parts are in the link below.

Mostly 50V, I think although there are some older gems in there too. All sorts of stuff, some more even under some of those little boxes. A milk crate full of Moby electrics like horn switches, connectors, etc.

"Link to parts pic.":http://picasaweb.google.com/brystheguy/ForSlae?authkey=h20JdvQvZZQ&feat=directlink

Not interested in selling specific parts. It's easier to let it all stay in the boxes. All go or no.

Re: Minneapolis-Want to buy any of these? Coming

I have a modded xbox, some RC gear, or a Suburban that "just needs a little work" for trade.

Re: Minneapolis-Want to buy any of these? Coming

you know I want this bike right? But you know I spend all my money on shitty bikes trying to fix up and sell them to these kids around here. I wont try and offer you trades on X-box's but would you consider trading for puch's?

Come on, I'd put that SPR in my personal collection

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