mb5 frame w/ vin-norcal

ive got a mb5 frame with a vin plate on it. im guessing its out of the dmv system but i dont know for sure. the frame seems to be in pretty good shape but def not a show piece. includes frame and swingarm. right now the frame is in chico, ca. i work in the (east) bay area on some weekends so i can bring it down if we make arrangements. if not, come pick it up in chico. i do not have the volition to try and ship it. im thinking $75 for it or a trade for a usable Hobbit bottom end. id be forever indebted to anyone that trades me a rebuilt pa50ii bottom half of the engine . hit me up. btw i dont have any other mb5 parts. unless u have a whole performance hobbit motor. by performance i mean 21+mm carb, motomatic/ weakends pipe, performance crank, and rebuild, (i dont need a kit, i gottsa parmakit already)then i might have a complete wheelset for you too. no pics for now. its an mb5 frame with black paint, cmon


mb5 frame w/ vin-norcal

ok maybe im asking too much here. 50 for the frame. or ill take a weakends/ motomatic pipe in trade for the frame and wheels. or a bottom end/ crank case

Re: mb5 frame w/ vin-norcal

briny briny /

Is this frame still available by any chance?

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