77 ciao for sale rebuilt

umm i want to get rid of my cial.

its rebuilt with the 64mm malossi jug and head

the polini speed engine case.

tecno racing exaust

delloroto main jets 70 72 75 77 79 range.

malossi rear drve pully 70mm

deestone tieres

e3 diamond fire spark plug.

new ht coil, points, condenser, and lights.

the usual extra parts gaskets bearings.

old parts

the engine and stuff etc...

umm its yellow and black

looks really nice

but i cant get it to get a consistant spark and i have given up.

ill take 900 firm.

its hat i have in it

email me for pictures.

its nice moped

but its broke me

Re: 77 ciao for sale rebuilt


thats my email

yes it is spelled wrong

dont question it


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