FS Magnum II

Puch Magnum II, ZA50, barn fresh. I got it in a trade and havent done much to it yet.

-needs petcock

-needs pedals

-weak/no spark

-fuel tank has been lined

and its still covered in dust

compression is around 125 with the head spacer removed and ~60 with the spacer in.

$400, may trade. I'm in Sunman, IN


Re: FS Magnum II

I'll buy it from you, sent e-mail.

Re: FS Magnum II

I'll take it as well. Emailed.

Re: FS Magnum II

replied x2 and pending to Paul. it would be great if it was out of my way this weekend

Re: FS Magnum II

hey john if paul or nick havent taken it, i for sure will asap!

let me know


Re: FS Magnum II

I didnt hear from Paul again, it's now pending local sale this afternoon

Re: FS Magnum II

hey john let me know if its still available, lets work something out and i can take it off your hands.

Re: FS Magnum II

Its sold and gone

Re: FS Magnum II

Long gone..... teehee.

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