'79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp

pro's... 100% complete bike sans headlight, excellent chains and rims and sprockets/pedals, sidecovers, all controls and switches intact, bar-end mirror, complete 1.5hp e50 and bing, nice thick heavy duty stock seat and clean chrome rack/rails, clean body/fenders, turns over easy, sparks, excellent pipe, great cables and levers, tires hold air, etc.

con's... rusty tank, paint rust at the tank/frame joint, motor bearings are for sh*t noisy.

decisions decisions..... might make it an offseason project, very reluctant to part it, but entertaining email offers as a whole bike. pittsburgh pickup or regional delivery options, can take tons more pics if need be.

regional trades considered as well for ciao stuff... vespa gurus email me for details

Re: '79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp

you should add its a black model to the pros list, seems like all the ones around here are burgundy, too bad the paint is crappy.

Re: '79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp

true dat... pro's: stock gloss black paint, stock red and gold logos in nice shape. Actually, nice condition paint and decals overall with the exception of that spot right where the tank and frame joint is... will give it a sponge bath and updated body pics by request.

Re: '79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp

afternoon bump... more pictures sometime this evening...

RUNS '79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp

bump for pictures and video....

cleaned alum 1.5hp topend and 12mm bing and stock modular pipe.. and yup, she runs nice but noisy 4K mi bearings

http://users.stargate.net/~mojoy/pics/newport/newportLrunning.3g2 quicktime vid

also, ton of pictures after a quick wash down:

Re: RUNS '79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp

hahaha, that seat cover is awesome. homemade but they cut out the PUCH from the old one. great stuff.

Re: RUNS '79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp

did i mention that its a hi-torque top end?

Re: RUNS '79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp

bump for the week, then offline saturday~monday...

Re: '79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp

home again, home again... bump

Re: '79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp

$200 pickup in Pittsburgh ? ...

may even deliver to Pittsburgh/Akron areas....

Re: '79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp

Garodney Gentzel Motor City Riots /

Hey, Monti......feel like a trip to Michigan, just north of Detroit?

I have two great peds will ride all day for fun, and I pay $250 to help pay for gas ????

Re: '79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp

hmmmm, emailed ya rodney

Re: '79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp

available again after all... bump

cleveland area delivery temp available on the 17th/18th

eastern ohio/western pa/central pa possible as well.

Re: '79 Puch Newport L 1.5hp


thanks all.

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