wtb:magnum or ssxl

hella want to buy a moped but cant find anything in my area at all, i live in san luis obispo which is central/southern california. and cant really find anything in la or bay area. looking to buy a magnum or garelli (magnum/ssxl top tank) have around 900.00 or so to spend so if nebodys within a 5 hour max drive of this area hopefully closer holla with some pics and info n stuff. appreciated hella. worrrd

Re: wtb:magnum or ssxl

Dude, if you were in the Northeast I would sell you a Garelli Super Sport top tank with pipe and CDI for $325...

Re: wtb:magnum or ssxl

really PF? does that offer extend to anyone?

Re: wtb:magnum or ssxl

Zombo. I've got a runnin magnum mk2 in orange county for 700 bucks. Come get it.


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