FS: tomos a35 w/points

well.. some of you may know..

but I have to .. clear my stuff out..

Let me know if you close and wanna come by and look at it..

It doesn't run.. it did.. but I ran it out of gas.. and the tank is shit rust inside..

I have no time to get it getting nor I care of a freaking tomos.

a35 w/points.. 800 miles..

I bought it from hagerstown moped last year..

wanting to fix it...

When I had it started a few months ago.. it ran very well.

It will need you to use fred guide to get it running again.

400$ and its yours..


Re: FS: tomos a35 w/points

... email me.


Re: FS: tomos a35 w/points

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Need your email

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