WTT Ciao headlight ring/bulb, pipe

Ive got the bracket and the bucket and the wiring for this 78 ciao rigid... but i still need the actual headlight bulb and the retainer ring that hold the headlight bulb in the face of the bucket. 1976 1977 1978 ish round headlight retainer ring and headlight bulb.

I have a bag of hobbit leftovers i would be happy to trade even-up...

Hobbit belt, rear deck, bunch of Hobbit Keihin carb parts and float bowls and floats and choke parts, etc, gaskets, a set of fiber dual pa50ii reeds in a pa50ii reed block, pa50i exhaust, some other hobbity stuff.

or email me a price for the headlight and faceplate ring shipped to zip 15102.

Could use a decent expansion pipe for cia also... i have a complete set of side covers and fairing inserts for General Five Star toptank Sachs ped I would trade for one. I dont havvvve to have a pipe cause i could use the stocker, but i would definitely trade for any functional ciao circuit pipe that is better than the stock pipe.

Re: WTT Ciao headlight ring/bulb, pipe

trade me a vespa ciao tecno circuit pipe for these?

how about a dell sha 13.13 carb for ciao?

go fish: Ciao headlight ring/bulb, pipe

Do you have....

Ciao 12.12 dell sha carb?

Ciao 13.13 dell sha carb?

Ciao simo or tecno circuit pipe?

Ciao bullet headlight bulb and ring with or without the eyebrow?

take me up on my hobbity or 5star stuff trades or email me with what you have and a price shipped to 15102.

more go fish: WTT Ciao headlight ring/bulb, pipe


hobbit pa50i pa50ii stuff: i ramps, intake for i or port for ii, ii variator fixed face and clutch, variator plate guide inserts for i or ii, hobbit carb bowl for i or ii carb with floats and needles, throttle fly choke fly plate, intake gaskets, air screws and tubes, etc, gaskets for i or ii cases and heads and exhaust, i exhaust, i or ii rear seat deck, good variator belt for i or ii, new NGK spark plug for i or ii, unmolested dual reed cage block with two stage fiber reeds for ii or mod the seat pin for i, some of this batch is really useful but you get it all.... i neeeeed the ciao headlight and round eyebrow headlight ring but i also wannnnt the 12.12 or 13.13 sha carb and ciao tecno circuit pipe... trades? offers? email in my ID.

Re: more go fish: WTT Ciao headlight ring/bulb, pi

that hobbit stash is now in the past tense!

but... still looking to sell or trade my General 5 Star side covers and fairing inserts with all of the fasteners...

email me an offer...

I need ciao stuff like an sha 12.12 or 13.13 and a circuit pipe. I picked up a couple sealed beam 6V headlights (one is a 35 watt!) but i still need the glamour ring with or without the eybrow for the round ciao headlight bucket. (my bucket has the blank speedo insert and does not have a built in on/off switch)

Re: WTT Ciao headlight ring/bulb, pipe

bump for still selling or trading...

general 5 star top tank side covers and fairing inserts including all the fasteners

these are the sachs version engine side covers and these fairing inserts will fit any and all general 5 star toptanks

should also fit laser versions of the general 5 star with sachs

will sell... offers by email?

will trade... used ciao circuit pipe?

Re: WTT Ciao headlight ring/bulb, pipe

bump to trade these general 5 star plastics for a ciao circuit pipe.... or hey, id even trade for a used V1 zen right-side pipe also. or yeah, id sell/ship the plastics with no trade... offers.

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