Feeler: Puch Magnum LTD TITLED

I have a limited that I am considering selling. I have a lot of performance upgrades.



-Gilardoni (just got a new one, NEVER RAN)

-Hpi w/ Lights

-motomatic 24mm rear facing intake

-vforce 8 pedal reed intake

-24mm mikuni flatside

-k&n hi flow airfilter

-motomatic destroyer pipe

-new gazelles

-new og delux magura throttle and brake

-new cables

-new break pads

-new bearings and seals

-treats super stuffy crank

-3 shoe clutch with paz springs

***I have a minarelli clutch bell that I am going to swap the gear out with the puch bell and install a ktm clutch. If someone wants that done for this bike ill charge a little more, otherwise ill give you the bike running with the 3 shoe thats in there now.

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