RE: Maxi Drama

Hey guys I just want to say that I'm sorry for trying to profit off of ya'll through high prices on Puch Maxi parts.

But on another topic any part I previously listed is already sold so who ever replied to the Maxi Mags or whatever else, I have no more Maxi parts for sale.

And ohh Ya guys you have completally inspired me to keep 1 of my Puch Maxis and Fix it up/ restore it yadda yadda yadda

Yeahh - I think the trick to this kind of thing is having 1 250 2 stroke dirt bike and then 1 running moped before you are going to take on a bunch of project moped projects- because having too many project mopeds can cause unstability in one's own lot of bikes.

Bassically meaning that either don't get too attached if they're junk or just do 1 at a time considering there is relitevaly no profit too be made off of mopeds unless you get like 100 for free.

But all this being said I do appreachate you guys and I have learned some things about timing and what not from the forums.

Yeahh So fix up dirtbikes , mopeds and whatever else you dig

Do NOT LIMIT YOUR Mechanic endevours to strictly mopeds !!

Ok Peace OPut Yo,


RE: Maxi Drama

- Summerai - Christine L /
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