Puch Magnum XK in KY

This moped has a lot of rust and the fiberglass piece below the seat (not sure the correct name) needs to be replaced... The current owner assures me all thats wrong with the engine is the points, and they can be replaced for pretty cheap. What do you think its worth? whole or parted out?... Is it worth it or am I selling a priceless piece of history?


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more pics


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last pic


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its in quite the busted shape, it would be a hell of a project.

if you part it ill for sure take the tank and seat off your hands pronto lol

let me know :)

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$200. There's rust and cosmetic work to do on top of the issue that it does not run.

Check the inside of the tank for rust.

Are all the controls and cables good/working?

Kill switch?

If the basic shit looks done, $150 to haul it away.

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wiring is complete shit... The plastic control switch for the horn is broken (but can be repaired, both pieces are still there) and the headlights are better to hardwire anyway id guess... It looks like this thing has been sitting in a barn since the mid-80's?... It was given to me and I'd really like to fix it up but I don't know how much time/money it would take

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If you want to sell it, I'll give you $100 and I can pick it up any time. I'm local. Might sound like a lowball offer. I wish I had more to offer. I just don't. But I would restore it and ride it, not just flip it for profit.

If you want to fix it up, I might be able to help out with that too. But I'm not going to spend a lot of time helping you fix it, just so you can sell it for $700 (unless you split the money with me).

I have plenty of garage space to work on it. I have a truck to transport it. I have a welder and a powdercoater, so it could be cleaned up pretty cheaply.

There's a guy running around - he's a member here and he always has moped stuff on Louisville Craigslist - that had a complete E50 for sale last week. He might still have it. I think he wanted like $100 for it.

Rewiring the whole bike is easy.

I'm sure if you looked around you could find replacement side cover things.

It would be a hell of a bike with a little elbow grease.

But if you want to sell it, my offer stands. And if nobody else wants it whole, don't part it out until you give me a chance to scrape a few more dollars together to offer.

IMO, any Magnum that's not folded in half is too nice to part out. At some point - probably soon - there won't be any left if people keep parting them out.

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If you part it out I'll take the tank off your hands.

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get it and get that dude to help you. sounds like a good guy. it doesn't look bad at all.

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in my neck of the woods that would be a $30 magnum.

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If you're looking to sell, I can go $150. I wish I had more cash to give, but that's the life of a broke college student. I'm in Lexington, and can pick it up. I'm really looking to start into peds and this would be a perfect project.

Re: Puch Magnum XK in KY

dibbs on front end and how much

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