Bing 12mm carb

I have a 12 mm Bing carb for sale -

I'll throw in an airbox and a manifold

60 shipped

Re: Bing 12mm carb

Re: Bing 12mm carb

Overpriced Parts /

Bings go for 15.00 on MA. intakes go for 5.00 if they're 14 mm

The stock air box good luck

Re: Bing 12mm carb

Ok knuckle well I guess I'll just try Ebay-

Realisitically that price is not that high so don't go trying to break my balls over it .

Re: Bing 12mm carb

- Summerai - Christine L /

Re: Bing 12mm carb

Just sold a 12mm bing and 12mm intake for $15, shipped. WHATTUP

Re: Bing 12mm carb

Ok dude I bought a carb for a 1978 Kawasaki KM 100 for 40 at a junkyard not too long ago and in my mind a moped carb is more rare so I figured it would be worth 50.

Sorry you took it so personal it was just my first guess

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