nopeds for sale in MI

have a 1980 urban express in nice condition,runs but needs some love.$300 also have a pair of suzuki pa 50s.375 gets both,not running but one is or call emil at 6164013001


nopeds for sale in MI

pic of suzuki,other is same,more complete


Re: nopeds for sale in MI

That first picture is of an NC 50 not an Urban Express.

Re: nopeds for sale in MI

actually NU50 I think but graffics say Urban Express,I would venture its an express.You are aware there were different versions of the "Express" yes?

Re: nopeds for sale in MI

Yes I am aware!

NC50 1977 notice the all black seat!

Looks like yours


NU50 or Urban Express

Re: nopeds for sale in MI

appears to me all the pics you provided were of different styles of the Express.I will concede its a NC50 Express.Better? Happy now? want to buy it now?

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