FS: running qt50

I have a 80's qt50 that runs but dosent want to move to fast but it starts up on the first kick everytime.I will sell whole or parts off of it.All of the electrical is good except the key ignition is gone and the seat will need to be recovered.I dont have a kickstand or footrest but I have everything else even a battery for one so if you want some parts before i put it on craigslist let me know.

Re: FS: running qt50


this engine has a lot of potential it starts on first kick and it the scooter has a lot of good parts.

Re: FS: running qt50

so no one needs any qt50 parts i will sell parts cheap if no one wants any parts i wont put it back on here just trying to give back to you all from when you all helped me out. but what ever no harm done.

Re: FS: running qt50

Got a right hand mirror?

Re: FS: running qt50

no i used them on another scooter but i have a lot of good stuff on it i dont have a kickstand the footrest is broken and no side covers but all electrical is good and everything else

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