FS: Garelli NOI/Katia Engine

Here is a pretty beat up katia engine..

It will need rebuilt. There is surface on the parts; clutch bell, starter plate, primary gear. Spins very well.

I have both covers for the engine.. ignition is in mint shape.

The ignition has a pedal arm mark in it .. scarp.. The engine case is broke in to spots of course on the ignition side.. around the magneto and the .. sprocket area.

Make a offer.. please


Re: FS: Garelli NOI/Katia Engine



Re: FS: Garelli NOI/Katia Engine

save that clutch bell gear for a clutch swap.

Re: FS: Garelli NOI/Katia Engine

Thanks Mike!

Someone pick this up for your noi/v1 inbred racing engine.

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