WTB stock Puch ignition

Took the ignition off a friend's bike to put on mine and now she wants to rebuild her engine. I'm looking for stock Puch points/stator/magneto ASAP. If you have one, please email me! If you have it without the points that's okay because I have some extra points.

The closer you are to SF, the better, but I'll buy one from anywhere if you can ship it fast and offer at a reasonable price.

Re: WTB stock Puch ignition

I have one, 25 dollar shipped for the stator with points/coils/condenser.

Re: WTB stock Puch ignition

dan henkleman /

email burnoutnova72@hotmail.com, he had one in a post that said puch parts or maybe free spirit parts. I think it was 15..

Re: WTB stock Puch ignition

hey kelly!!!

Re: WTB stock Puch ignition

Matt Mahloch -- MBM Customs /

If your still looking I have a stock 6 wire setup, I dont know what one you need.

If your interested email me, I dought I'll check this post again. It needs points but other then that it came off a running bike. It has the cheap aftermarket points on it now, their junk. Find some NOS ones and your set.

Shoot me a offer.

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