FS: 'New' 75cc vespa kit $120 obo

I still have THIS Malossi 46mm cylinder kit for Vespa mopeds for sale.

I thought I bought the 10mm kit to fit my racing crank but I shit the stick and got the 12mm kit instead. Thought I would just use the stock crank and then I changed my mind. This kit was mounted to a motor but I never ran the kit or even mounted it to a frame. The piston and rings have been in the cylinder and the base gasket has been trimmed to match the ports on the cylinder. Other than that, this kit is brand spanking new!

This is the third time I have posted this kit. I guess Vespa Mopeds are out of fashion at the moment. That's too bad. I'm hoping that there is a brave soul out there that isn't afraid to hit their case with a flapper sanding wheel and dremel tool to make this kit fit.

I've had nearly every brand of kit on my various Vespa mopeds and Malossi kits are by far my favorite. I paid over $150 for this kit. This is your chance to get it for much less. Make me an offer. For $120 I'll even include the shipping.

Re: FS: 'New' 75cc vespa kit $120 obo

Would you do it for $80? Where are you, maybe I can pick up? Lots of boring on this, right?

Re: FS: 'New' 75cc vespa kit $120 obo

you got the performance crank, 12mm...I'd be interested in that.

Good luck with the sale though.

Re: FS: 'New' 75cc vespa kit $120 obo

Jumper K. Balls /

Do you still have this? Quite interested.

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