1982 Honda Urban Express

How much is my 1982 Honda Urban Express worth? it runs great, stock. about 23 mph on the flat. Good condition, back blinkers missing.

Re: 1982 Honda Urban Express

if it runs great stock, it should be hitting up to 32, not 23 (unless it is from iowa). it is rusty and missing parts, so not worth much, but still fun. got a title? that adds some value, depending on your state laws.

Re: 1982 Honda Urban Express

want to sell it? I'm in kalamazoo. I need an addition to my sachs.

Re: 1982 Honda Urban Express

Adam Kollipara /

I'd say it's worth about $175-200, maybe less, but it depends on what someone will pay for it. You should keep it and not sell it. Fix it up. Looks like you need rear blinkers, rear fender, battery box lid, and muffler shield. You can get all of these on eBay and will increase the value a lot. Like chris said, it should be running about 10 mph faster than that.

Re: 1982 Honda Urban Express

***Kim Jong illest*** /

no, 23 is pretty much the stock speed, thanks to its skinny skinny belt

32 once you fit a 17321 or a 17325 belt

Re: 1982 Honda Urban Express

Incomplete bikes take a hit, also its hard to find someone local. Its running though so its got that going for it.

Despite what Mr. Brokane has to say about stock belts, 23 is on the low side, anything below 25 and its got something out of spec. 27 is a solid ballpark figure for stock but it all depends on your weight and other factors.

I'd say $200 is a fair price. If you want maximum $ though, part it out. Check out going prices on ebay for a ballpark, depending on how much work you want to do listing and taking stuff apart, $300 is entirely reasonable.

I'm slightly biased though, as i'm still hunting an urban express muffler for my bike.

Re: 1982 Honda Urban Express

Andrew Squiggman /

i am going to have to disagree about parting it out right now, as I have been putting one back together, there are 2-3 complete bikes on ebay being parted out. so it is a lot of competition for you, so lots of fees, not so many buyers. if you are going to part it out, maybe wait a little so you can get better prices, or hell, part it out now, and sell the parts for cheaper, then you will sell themm, all with reasonable buy it now prices. I do still need some parts myself, so i would be interested if the prices were fair

Re: 1982 Honda Urban Express

Being an ebayer for 11 years just remember parting out can bring more money but it can be a crapload of work and packing. I say anytime you've got a good running moped sell it to someone who can get out there and ride it.

Re: 1982 Honda Urban Express

Thanks for the advise guys, I've actually kept the bike for the time being, I got a motomarina with a v1 in it, but haven't fixed it up yet, so when I get that figured out, I'll look more seriously into selling it. I have done a bit of asking around for some of those missing pieces, I actually got a couple calls on it when I posted it on craigslist for 325, but I told them I wasn't interested in selling it anymore. I want to at least have one running ped to get around on!

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