WTB Garelli stuff, Kreem?Por 15?

I need a few misc. parts for my '81 Garelli Rally Sport. I need a clutch cable and clutch handle, the chrome 8 sided top nut for the top of the triple tree (no idea if this has a name or not), a petcock, and a speedo cable and speedo gear thing for the front wheel.

I also want to seal my gas tank, and I wondered if anyone had extra kreem sealer or Por 15 or any other kind of Epoxy sealer for this purpose. I've been looking online and the cheapest is like 40 bucks with shipping, but that's for a 5 gallon tank or so. So I wondered if anyone has used this and if they had some left over. Does it keep?

I acid etched my tank a week or two ago, and it worked great but the humidity is so high here it's getting rusty again. I think most of my fuel issues are coming from this.

Re: WTB Garelli stuff, Kreem?Por 15?

Oh yeah, and some extra taillight bulbs since when they burn out I don't get spark...

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Re: WTB Garelli stuff, Kreem?Por 15?

No it doesn't keep.

If you find a buddy you can do two tanks at once to cut the cost, or probably 15 moped tanks at once. They make a smaller kit I think it is a pint o a half pint. I used POR 15 it worked great

Re: WTB Garelli stuff, Kreem?Por 15?

Cool, thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll knuckle down and do a few of my tanks at the same time. Alright, does anybody have any of the Garelli parts I need?

Re: WTB Garelli stuff, Kreem?Por 15?

the eight sided bolt on my ssxl is the same as a puch in case you didn't know that. So anyone with an extra puch fork bolt might be able to help you out

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