WTB: anything decent in central/southern IN

My title may be a little misleading....

I've been living sort of nomadically for the last year or two, so I've sorta been out of the game.

My uncle had my last remaining ped in storage and through a mix up it's now gone.


I work a FULL time job, literally, so I don't have a ton of free time and am really just looking for something to cruise around on occassionally.

I don't mind tinkering, but I'm not really looking for any projects.

So yeah, I'm near Indy, and will be headed south in a week or so, so Bloomington and southern IN would be good.

Let me know what you've got.


Re: WTB: anything decent in central/southern IN

Whats your budget? I'm on the outskirts of Cincinnati right on the Indiana border. Indy is just a touch over an hour from me. Email me for more details.....

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