You might could use some...

Minarelli sprockets - 9, 10, and 11 tooth - $7 each shipped

Morini Sprocket - 12 tooth (you can make this work for minarelli) - $10 shipped

Puch Magnum under-tank-rubber-thingy - $25 shipped

weird ass intakes (24.5mm ID, 29mm OD) - $7 shipped

slightly smaller weird ass intake (23mm ID, 25.5mm OD) - $7 shipped

Magnum MKII side covers (not those stupid black things, the silver plastics that go directly under the tank. Paint is far from perfect, but no cracks in the plastic) - $40 shipped

Motobecane Le Moped long seat. (it's that one that has the little stair-step to it, great shape, one little tear in the front corner) - $70 shipped

I also have the gas tank, oil tank, and right-side cover for a 1971 Yamaha R5 (faded orange, no rust), but I doubt anyone here wants that stuff.

I have pictures of all this stuff, but I don't want to bother posting them from this iPhone.

PLEASE EMAIL ME at jgreinhardt (AT) gmail (DOT) com and I'll send you pictures and can talk it out. Thanks for your monies.

Re: You might could use some...

Timmy Southpark /

JAKE!! i need a 15mm bing intake!

Re: You might could use some...

Emailed about the intakes and R5 parts.

Re: You might could use some...

Aaron Bajongus /

How does that tank look on a magnum frame?

Re: You might could use some...

Jimmy - I know I have a 14mm inake from a Cobra, but I'd have to ask around on a 15mm.

Rocky - emailed

Ninja - probably pretty huge. I tool a couple pics this morning of a complete R5 sitting next to my magnum. Email me if you'd like me to send them to you.

Re: You might could use some...

All intakes are sold.

Now also for your consideration, a really sweet cobra with crazy 8-star (trirad?) wheels. Almost totally complete (only missing

cables), engine moves freely, but not running. Tank looks nice but has rust. $500. Email for pics and deets. If you think it's too much, I promise it's easily worth that parted out. I'd just rather not go that route.

I'll deliver for 40cents a mile anywhere with a days drive if you're desperate.

Re: You might could use some...

9, 10, and 12 sprockets SOLD.

nobody wants a cobra?

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