Parting Puch: Shocks

Parting out a Puch:

I bought this Puch as a basket case thinking I could bring her back to life. Unfortunately, she was too far gone to be revived. She did sign an organ donor card, so hopefully her parts can revive another soul.

I have a few additional random parts (lights, grips, levers, etc) I will toss in: just ask. Most are rough, but they are free.

All items are used and sold AS IS. I have attempted to describe the items accurately. Should you have questions or need additional (better?) photos, feel free to ask.

Disclaimer: Riding Mopeds (aka motorized bicycles, scooters, kidney-donor mobiles, suicide cycles) is dangerous. They should be handled like medieval torture devices: viewed and not touched. Buying USED parts for you moped from a stranger online is certifiably nuts! Don't Do It!

REAR SHOCKS: Coil over shocks. Surface rust. $30 shipped.

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