F/S on eBay - Monday: Honda Express Rear Fender

Adam Kollipara /

On Monday, I will be listing a rear fender for a Honda Express on eBay.

The title will be similar or the same as this:

1977-80 Honda Express NC50 1979-80 NA50 II Moped Rear Fender

Re: F/S on eBay - Monday: Honda Express Rear Fende

Why not just post it FS here, and save having to pay eBay fees to list it & then a final value fee on the sale? Besides, if you're really 14...you aren't allowed to sell on eBay.

Re: F/S on eBay - Monday: Honda Express Rear Fende

Adam Kollipara /

I use my mom's account, and she wants me to list it when she is around so that I type everything in correctly. On eBay I'll most likely get more money because people are bidding. The most I'll pay for a fee to list this is 10 cents. It's easier to list it on eBay because then 10 people on here will want it at the same price and who do I sell it to??? eBay it's the high bidder. I know exactly how it works.

It's going on eBay.



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