For Sale: 80 Sport Mk II/ 84 Austro Daimler

1980 Sport MK II


511 orginal miles,excellent condition! Even has 90 % plus tread on orginal tires. Za-50 engine, nice shiny orginal paint.

Missing plastics, needs pistion, carb. and intake. All orginal.

Make reasonable offer

Location: Toledo, Ohio

Also for sale:

1984 Puch austro daimler moped vintage scooter Porsche

Vehicle Description

1984 Austro Daimler Puch Moped 132 (unheard of) original miles! Silver in color. Excellent condition! Even has the original tires (w/90 plus% tread). Seat looks as if it was never sat on). Under seat storage......I don't know much about this moped, I googled it and found it to be 'very rare' and that it also was 'designed by Porcshe' car co. All the parts that are on the moped are original. It's hard to believe something this old looks this good in its' original state. I would definately think this would be a collector's item.

Though not running now, I don't think it would take much to get it going; maybe just a good clean up. I pedaled it and it acted as if it wanted to start, but had no gas in it and it needed a good carb cleaning.

I soaked the carb for three days in a good carb cleaner.

The fine print: switch housing plastic (light/horn) on handlebars is broken but no reason to think that it isn't functional (maybe super glue could put it back together).

No keys for seat storage or headset lock ( currently unlocked).

needs a choke cable.

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